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  • Bill Murray Soundboard
    Bill Murray Soundboard
    Hilarious quotes and outbursts by funnyman Bill Murray
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Memorable lines from Total Recall said by Ahnold Schwartzennnaeggerrr
  • Christian Bale Soundboard
    Christian Bale Soundboard
    Clips from Christian Bales freakout audio, American Psycho and Hard Times
  • Dane Cook Soundboard
    Dane Cook Soundboard
    Lines from many of Dane Cooks stand up comdey shows
  • Michael Jackson Soundboard
    Michael Jackson Soundboard
    Crazy quotes by the King of Pop himself
  • Paris Hilton Soundboard
    Paris Hilton Soundboard
    Like OMG Paris Hilton babbling valley girl soundboard. Why is she a celebrity.
  • Archie Bunker Soundboard
    Archie Bunker Soundboard
    All in the Family blue collar worker Archie Bunker soundboard
  • Bob Saget Soundboard
    Bob Saget Soundboard
    Sounds from Full House, Half Baked and other stand up lines
  • Will Ferrell as Ron
    Will Ferrell as Ron
    Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy character from The Anchorman soundboard
  • Chris Farley Soundboard
    Chris Farley Soundboard
    Funny lines from the late Chris Farley's acting days
  • Sylvester Stallone
    Sylvester Stallone
    Famous lines from Rocky
  • Chris Tucker Soundboard
    Chris Tucker Soundboard
    Lots of Chris Tucker funny one-liners in this soundboard
  • Andrew Dice Clay
    Andrew Dice Clay
    Rants and other various stand up lines by comedian Andrew Dice Clay
  • Christopher Walken
    Christopher Walken
    All the creepy, funny, and disturbing lines Christopher Walken says
  • Vin Diesel Sounboard
    Vin Diesel Sounboard
    Tough guy Vin Diesel Soundboard
  • Bruce Willis Die Hard
    Bruce Willis Die Hard
    Yippie ki yay Die Hard soundboard
  • Cheech and Chong
    Cheech and Chong
    Oh man, totally stoned Cheech and Chong soundboard
  • Artie Lange Soundboard
    Artie Lange Soundboard
    Clips from the Howard Stern show and other various lines from his stand-up days
  • Christopher Walken SNL
    Christopher Walken SNL
    Lines from Christopher Walkens famous SNL cowbell skit
  • Napoleon Dynamite
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Friggin sweet Napoleon Dynamite soundboard with all his catchy phrases.
  • Robert DeNiro Soundboard
    Robert DeNiro Soundboard
    An avalanche of Robert De Niro soundboard, capiche!
  • Office Space Soundboard
    Office Space Soundboard
    A compilation soundboard with the best characters from the movie.
  • Al Pacino Scarface
    Al Pacino Scarface
    The Ultimate Tony Montana soundboard featuring his most memorable quotes from Scarface.
  • Samuel L. Jackson
    Samuel L. Jackson
    The original Samuel L. Jackson sound with great quality sound